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Painting courses

in water-colours and oil for children and adults, art-therapy

in Naantali  and Turku


English and Swedish languages

Paint your positive vibes and share them with friends, spread creativity and simple colourful joy.

 WELCOME to ART courses!

Victoria Björklund, ex. Yaroshik is a watercolor artist and lives in Naantali, Finland. Teaching at Labour Institute in Turku several painting courses. Her pictures has represented Finland in many International exhibitions worldwide. Active member of the Nordic watercolor Society, the Finnish watercolour painting society and SAA (England). She also arrange private courses in watercolor-  and oil painting and also make jobs as desired.

 "....In my art, I want people to discover nature and the surrounding world with all the wonderful things you can see there if you try. By being positive and looking forward to the future, I think even my paintings give a good feeling to the viewer and it is important to me..."

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